hi! i'm sylvie. - sylviethecamera

I'm a New York-based photographer with an eye for the bright, the small, and the offbeat. My photography has been credited in The New York TimesTime Out New York, Dessert Professional Magazine, and The Sonoma Index-Tribune, and I have done work for NPR, BuzzFeed, Audible, Harper Perennial, Anthropologie, Winc, Girls At Library, Sanctuary World, The Refined Woman and Hawaiian Airlines.

When I photograph an event, I'm looking to show you the beautiful, colorful details you might otherwise not have seen. I'm all about real moments, real joy--stiff and ultra-posed is not my style--and I promise you'll have a great time, whatever we're shooting.

Until recently, I was also Director of Foreign Rights at a literary agency (channeling my high school role as Book Club President) and I'm one-third of the band Doctor Uke and Daughters (hint: I’m not a doctor).

I have a soft spot for confetti, fennec foxes, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, brussels sprouts, the movie Best in Showusing Twizzlers as straws, and my polydactyl bobtailed cat Icarus.

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photo by Hillary Lavin

photo by Hillary Lavin

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